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My own biography

Tarea I

My own biography

I was born in Maracaibo in 1989
I studied primary education in the U.E Angela de Maiz. I celebrated my fifteen years with an interesting party in the Club Altamar.
I graduated of bachelor two years ago in the same school where I studied primary school. Now I study second semester of Industrial Relations in URBE
In my free time I like to listen to music, to watch tv and sometimes I go to the disco with some friends.
On vacations I sometimes travel to Merida with my family. My favorite place to visit is “el teleferico”

Tarea II
Biography of Victoria Beckham

Her real name is Victoria Caroline Adams. She wars born on April 17 of 1975 in Goff’s Oak, Hertfordshire, Inglaterra.
Her wedding with the football player David Beckham, on Juyl 4 0f 1999, filled their lifes of glamour and popularity, turning into them in them more photographed couple of fashion
Such has been dedicated ones status to them in the museum of wax.

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Pat and Willy / Alan and Paul

1) Pat and Willy
Pat: excuse me sir. Can you help me? Is there a coffee shop in this zone?
Willy: Yes, there is a coffee shop on margaret street.
Pat: where on margaret street?
Willy: It´s behind the post office. You can find it easily
Pat: thank you very much
Willy: You´re welcome

2) Alan and Paul
Alan: pardon me Mr. Can you help me, please?
Is the international bank in this area?
Paul: sure. It´s on second avenue.
Alan: where on second avenue?
Paul: it´s next to steve´s Hamburgers you can´t miss it because it´s a big building
Alan: thanks a lot
Paul: it´s ok

3) Dalia and Susan.
Dalia: Hello ! Miss can you help me, please? I need to find a drugstore.
Susan: Yes, there is a drungstore on margaret street.
Dalia: I have to buy some pills.
Susan: Well, When you find margaret street you can see the drugstore between the hospital and the library.
Dalia: Thank you very much miss.
Susan: It´s ok


A: Hi Manuela. How are you?
B: Hi Adriana. I’m very well. And you?
A: Well I have a Stomachache and a cold
B: Oh, why don’t you go to the doctor?
A: No, I’m thinking that is not very serious
B: Are you sure?
A: Yeah, maybe is somenting that I ate
B: Well you now that I can help you
A: Oh, thanks. But I really don’t need to go to thedoctor
B: Well, you have to

My last weekend

My last weekend

In my last weekend,i did the following? On Friday, i came to my home with my classmate ruthmary over after school.
She played the piano, but we didn´t study our lessons. We helped to mom to prepare some cookies, salad and arepas for dinner. After dinner, we talked in the livingroom.
On Saturday morning, I Went to my unele victor´s house. There i played tennis with my cousin pablo in the field. We had lunch at noon, the we watched tv. And practiced english in the afternoon. After we went with some friends to a disco and we enjoyed very much all evening.
On Sunday morning. I went to the church. In the afternoon i did and studied my activities. I prepared with mom our dinner. Then dinner, i watched TV but at nine i went to bed.
Dianela R Jimenez U



Brithday born day of the wuk
December 1989 friday

My name is Dianela Jiménez, my favorite month of the year is december because is christmas and my favorite doa of the week it’s Friday cuz i’m go out with my friends, my birthday is december 7th, I was born is 1989

Draw a pyramid to illustrate your eating habits!

Draw a pyramid to illustrate your eating habits!

1.your pyramid: write what you eat a lot, some, a little, or nothing.
2.Write a short paragraph describing your eating habits. Consider these questions to write your paragraph:
•What and how much and how often do you eat.
•I eat a lot of yogurt
•I sometimes eat some pasta
•I eat a little of brocoli
•I never have oil
•What food you like or don’t like and your opinion
•I love eating pizza
•I like chiken very much
•I don’t like milk
•Fruits are very important foe a healthy body.
•Strawberry delicious. I love them
•Look at your pyramid and compare it to the Food Pyramid in your book. Decide if you have a healthy diet. Tell what you need to eat more or what you need to eat less
Hi my name is Dianela Jimenez, I nucl to eat more fruits, cereals and milk. I nud to aet less carbohidrates and candy

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welcome to my blog

hello world welcome to my blog this blog is my first ever.im a studen from URBE
· Hi, there! My name’s dianela but you can call me dianela. I’m from los puertos, originally. I’m18 years old and I study public accounting at URBE . I live in,los puertos in Monte Claro.
· I love music , dancing, playing volleyball , chatting on the net , studying English ,ice chocolate, my family , my country ..

· I hate onions, smoking, , violence, war, injustice, and washing the dishes. , may dresms graduate from with a nice grade About English, I head that language.